Reading Room

Christian Science Reading Rooms are perfect resources where seekers of Truth can read or purchase materials about Christian Science. Attendants are available for questions.

Current Hours:

After Sunday services and Wednesday meetings

Most Saturdays 11:00am-2:00pm (Call to confirm 407-389-4200)


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A Christian Science Reading Room is a bookstore with a healing atmosphere open to anyone exploring spiritual answers to life’s many questions and problems.  We stock the Bible in various editions and styles, Bible study resources, as well as Science and Health in English and Spanish and 13 other languages.  Visitors are welcome to read and purchase the Pulitzer-Prize winning newspaper, The Christian Science Monitor, as well as weekly and monthly publications, items specifically designed for children, music/inspirational CDs, and other writings by Mary Baker Eddy.

Laptop computers are available to broaden your research and expand references for your studies.  Free WIFI is provided so you can use your own electronic tablet or smartphone, too. Our Reading Room is just one of almost 1,200 worldwide.

To learn more about our Reading Room, Contact Us.

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